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Empower Your Pharma SalesForce with our Most Advanced CLM & MDM solution

VODO CLM is our software which is used for the purpose of E-Detailing. E-Detailing is used by reps to present their products to the clients on digital medium (Tab, Laptop). This is one of the first steps organizations take when they start their journey. VODO CLM is an E-Detailing platform which is developed by our team after many years of experience in the field.

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TakeYour FirstStep Towards Digitization & VISUAL AID CREATION

Increased User Attentiveness

Process is more interactive, With the usage of visual media to show the product and it's features. The colorful slides are bound to catch the eye of the doctors.

Monitoring User Engagement

VODO CLM come with an inbuilt monitoring feature, which captures the a time user spends on each slide, giving insight on the users' interest in each product.

User Friendly Approach

In VODO CLM The content that you seek to share, is fit in a compact device which makes it more convenient in getting the message across.

Quick Updating of Content

New slides with product details, can be easily downloaded with a touch of a button, so that medical representatives can always have the latest information to show about the products.

Time Saving

It's saves The time in promoting a product using e-detailing application than the time it would take to discuss the products through oral communication or using conventional methods.

Cost Saving

VODO CLM bring you the Best in Class Android devices bundled with the New Age CLM eDetailing Solution at price of just Rs. 680/User/Month.

Key Features :

  • 360-degree Digital Detailing Platform
  • Visual Aid creation & approval
  • One click publishing to entire field force
  • Interactive & next generation customer interface tool
  • Smooth play of heavy visual aids
  • Multi type file support for VA creation and detailing
  • Optimized content quality and size for hassle free download on field
  • Multi-layer user hierarchy
  • Super admin, admin, PM, MM & user
  • Visual aid Content Repository
  • Create & publish visual aids for promotion
  • Analytical representation of E-Detailing and sales trends
  • Call Mode Selection module i.e. Practice / Field call
  • Doctor wise, Specialty wise, Visit wise specific content creation & detailing
  • Content specific QMS & FAQ module
  • Remote Configuration for users & devices