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GloMDM is a platform used to monitor your organization’s devices remotely. It lets you have full access to your device. So organization can control their devices without being physically present at the location.

Structural Features

  • Organization & group management
  • Scalable multi-tier web services based architecture
  • Web based user interface for unified management for various devices and OS
  • OS, Application, Business process specific customized features
  • Device Management, configuration & monitoring in terms of s/w & h/w
  • Proper authorization & authentication
  • Virtual keyboard for MDM login
  • Push based mechanism

Tab Software Features

  • Lock device
  • Unlock device
  • Device Info
  • Memory Info
  • Battery Info
  • App List Info
  • Build Info

Tab Hardware Features

  • USB Pen drive only (Enable, Disable)
  • Wi-Fi (Enable, Disable)
  • Bluetooth (Enable, Disable)
  • Touchscreen (Enable, Disable)
  • Keyboard (Enable, Disable)
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