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Enterprise Mobility Solutions Redefined!!

GlobalSpace is an ICT company founded in 2010, providing cutting edge enterprise mobility solutions and Digital Consulting primarily focusing on the Field Force Enhancement. The management team of GlobalSpace consists of pioneers from both Pharma and IT industry thus providing world class Field Force Enhancement solutions and becoming the leading choice for Indian Pharma.

GlobalSpace Technologies is a young and passionate organization with a mission to solve compound problems with simple solutions. We specialize in mobility with our in-house solutions, seamlessly running on our tablet PCs. In the words of its Founding Director Krishna "GlobalSpace was conceptualized to empower every feet on street to do their job better by leveraging technology".

GlobalSpace builds SAAS applications and hardware product platforms that aim to provide best-in-class enterprise-wide technology based solutions.

By serving out-of-the-box solutions that delight customers everyday, GlobalSpace eyes to change the landscape of the enterprise mobility industry and become a leading provider of breakthrough mobility products and solutions in the Indian market. GlobalSpace is an organization purely driven by passion & modernization.

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